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ritton's Best Asphalt Inc. is a second generation corporation. We are not a production for-profit company. After over 50 years with minimal overhead and nearly no debt, we can take the time to do every project correctly with strict standards.

Unlike most companies in the asphalt industry who have to produce so much revenue no matter what the weather or ground conditions to just pay the bills at the expense of quality, We are  established and the customer's job comes 1st.


We do not have several crews going at one time and each and every job is guaranteed. We are a service company and have worked with several different contractors throughout our time.

We devote the proper time and prep for every job and do less work then our peers. We have found out above all from trial and error over the years that patience and proper preparation for any project is the key ingredient to longevity and customer satisfaction.

  • The project base and water table is more important than the final concrete or asphalt

  • It takes 3 years for the asphalt liquid to completely or dry out thus seal before then

  • An asphalt driveway should not be sealed every year if done properly and the first seal should be two coats

  • Asphalt laid over concrete will always crack

  • the shoulder of the drive is one of the main keys to longevity

  • If affordable, a double lay driveway will always have more density and outlast a single lay driveway of the same thickness

  • When contracting always get everything written and always sign below the terms

  • The lowest price usually is not the best job


ur philosphy

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